My teaching style is engaging, innovative, and resourceful, driven by the goal of developing students into effective employees, team members, and leaders.

Instructor of Record: Introduction to Organizational Behavior

I taught a required upper-division undergraduate course in Krannert School of Management: Introduction to Organizational Behavior (OBHR 330) (19 students, 7:30am MWF).

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In this course, I incorporated teaching strategies such as lecture, discussion and debates, video clips from popular shows and movies, and in-class activities (e.g., think-pair-share with a partner) to facilitate student learning, critical thinking, and reflection. Additionally, I integrated research into the course by tasking students with a semester-long research project with qualitative (i.e., interviews) and quantitative (i.e., survey) components to examine predictors of important employee work outcomes. For this course I received the Krannert Certificate for Distinguished Teaching.

What my students liked best about my teaching:

  • "She does a good job keeping students involved in the discussion"
  • "I think the stories you told from your old jobs that described the concepts we were learning about were very helpful to understanding the material."
  • "[She] reached out to me to go over an exam I struggled with and helped me reevaluate my study habits for the class"
  • "Great professor, very enthusiastic and made 7:30s enjoyable"
  • "Our instructor was awesome and super supportive of her students."

Other Teaching Experience

In Fall 2018 and Fall 2019, I served as a teaching assistant for Leadership in the Krannert School of Management Weekend MBA program (Online Hybrid) at Purdue University. In this course, I graded online discussion board posts, individual and team assignments, and final papers. In Fall 2017 and Spring 2019, I also served as a final paper grader for Leadership masters courses in the Krannert School.

In Spring 2019 and Fall 2019, I delivered invited guest lectures for two courses in the Krannert School of Management: Negotiation and Decision-Making and Introduction to Organizational Behavior.